Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wanna play?

Heya fellas,

I'm expanding a bit on the post below (lo kaya bisa baca pikiran gw, Ping!)

Toys and games. What is it about dudes and their MANIC obsession with these two? 

Unlike the bad habit of ngompol that naturally stops at a certain age, toying and gaming seems to be a life long disease. Malahan penyakit yang satu ini makin lama malah makin kronis. Yang tadinya cuma addict main gameboy, lama2 mulai merambah ke playstation, ke online game, ke electronic gadgets, ke gitar, ke mobil, ke saham and even, you know it, chicks. 

Kalau udah bosen sama Jessica the guitar and Bianca the car, dudes start playing games with the real Jessicas and Biancas. Mulai dari game terkenal titled "how long should I wait to call after the first date" sampai game aneh2 including "I really really like you today, but I'm not so sure about tomorrow" and "how long can I disappear until I drive her crazy". And when boredom hits one more time, dudes start picking up a new game: juggling. Juggling more than 1 girl, that is. 

Just like dudes get obsessed with going up the level of difficulty in a playstation game, they also want to get up the level of difficulty in playing the juggling chicks game. From 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 to... the day they get caught. 

Caci maki. Gampar. Putus. Minta maaf. Ngaku kapok. Minta maaf lagi. Kasih kado. Minta balik. Diterima.

But dudes will gun for the OK button when asked "do you want to start a new game?" at the end of a game they lost. With no second thought, without further ado. And it starts all over again.

Dasar penyakit kronis. Susah deh sembuhnya.  

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  1. LOL!

    another hilarious entry.

    hmmm kayanya kk blum tau mesti bales apa for now (untuk membela kaum cowok hahahahha)

    But just a quick question though.. fenomena ini ga eksklusif buat cowok dan juga terjadi pada kaum hawa. What do you say to that?

    This is a quick stab in the dark but I think this happens due to "psychotic" issue instead of gender issue.

    what do you think?

  2. hahaha pak pandu hebat jg.. iyeeehhhhh coz i played aswell... in fact posisi aku kebalik ni ma cwo aku... wakkakkak hesnot a computer geek game type... while i am... hehehhhee tp kykny ga parah ampe maen 18jam degh.. cm klo ngomel2 ky iklan rokok yg puny burung beo emang iyha seh.. uda pernah ngerasain.. wakakakka thx2 now i knoe its real happening.. lol..

  3. hahahahhaha

    ketauan deh boroknya :P emank lo maen game apa?

    banyak kok cewek2 yang hardcore gamers, apa lagi di luar negeri



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